What we do

What we do for ranchers and farmers
Ranchers and farmers are encouraged to  join the Soil Value Exchange
​Sellers Club,
​This will give acess to grants and the Soil Value Exchange Trading service.
We provide grants
We provide access to aditional income
The Sellers Club can provide 2 kinds of grants to ranchers and farmers:

1)  Grants to reduce the cost of soil carbon measurements and water infiltartion measurements at your ranch or farm.
​2) Grants to provide you lower cost access to experienced land management and grazing consultants who can help you to manage for healthy soils and imporved ranch profitability.

​You don't have to use these grants, but you can apply for them when you need them.
Managing your land for healthy soils, using alternative grazing and land management methods, will produce more forage, which allows you to improve your profitability.

​In addition, as a Soil Value Exchange Sellers Club member you will have the opportunity to sell your soil carbon storage service, once measured and validated, to potential buyers of your carbon storage service. 
This might provide you additional income.
You are in control
You determine how you manage your ranch.
You determine when you want to sell your carbon or water storage service.
What we do for organisations and individuals with a carbon challenge
Organisations with a carbon challenge are are encouraged to join the
Soil Value Exchange
​Buyers Club.
​This will give you acess to the Soil Value Exchange Trading service.
We provide robust and measured ​soil carbon and water storage credits.
Our credits are the result of management for healthy soils and eco-systems
The Soil Value Exchange storage credits are measurement based. Our premise is simple: If it cannot be measured and validated, it cannot be sold. 
We work with robust standards that work for landowners, but provide buyers the asurance they need to reliable reduce their overall carbon emissions.
Procurement of Soil value exchange credits come with many additional side effects: improved ecological resilience, plants, insects, wildlife. Improved water resilience so a ranch is less vulnerable to floods and droughts and improved rancher economical resilience, strengthening rural communities.
How carbon and water storage credits are generated
The Soil Value Exchange storage credits are measurement based.
​ If it cannot be measured and validated, it cannot be sold.  
1. We start with measurement 
3.  We measure again 
After careful planning with the ranchers, an experienced measurement contractor will determine the number of soil samples that is needed to generate a scientifically and statiscally robust starting point.
​The number of samples is depending on ranch size, soil variations, slope and other factors.
The second measurement will take place after at least 3 years, and will deternine if and how much carbon and water has been stored. After indepedent validation the carbon and water storage credits will be prepared for transaction to potential buyers.  
2.  Healthy soils store carbon and water
Nature will take care of this part, supported by ranchers and farmers managing for healthy soils.

The affiliated Soil Value Exchange consultants and the Sellers Club network  will help and support ranchers. 


Soil Value Exchange is not reinventing the wheel,
we connect the dots.
We partner with expert organisation to reach our objectives fast and eficiently.
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